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Top 4 Ways to Attract Data Center Talent


We are in the age of the tech talent crisis. The root of this problem begins with the data center of today.  Modern data centers are highly automated, dense and virtualized IT infrastructures that rely on the most advanced electrical and mechanical components and talent for stability. (1) This demands that IT professionals are proficient in multiple disciplines as well as the facilities infrastructure—They can’t just hire anyone.

Most importantly, hiring out of desperation is almost always a recipe for disaster, according to Scott Ward, senior vice president of Nanigans, Inc. (2) Fortunately, there are some secret tips that can help make your company more appealing than the rest and attract new talent.

1) Recruit, don’t wait on applicants.

The majority of people that tech companies look to hire aren’t seeking out work. More than ever, tech talent has to be found and sought after. (3) Don’t wait for the top talent to come to you, instead hire professionals and make the first move. Keep an active presence across all social media sites, so you can meet them on a relational level and do your own connecting too.

2) Create winning company culture.

When it comes to technology industry, it is a candidates’ market. Create something beyond the position that is attractive to the talent. What makes your company unique? Why should they choose you? It’s time to get creative and begin cultivating fun and enriching company environment.  (4)

3) Utilize student power.

One of the greatest tips companies can capitalize on is setting up an internship.  When you bring in the right student, you get the fresh perspective on the industry as well as a potential employee. Students are eager to get experience, and if cultivated correctly, you may have paved the way for a new hire. This can also work with co-op programs.  Create a flow of prospective talent coming through the doors—even if it just brings back a little excitement to the office. It will make your company stand out.

4) Visit Hackathons.

If the talent isn’t coming to you, go to the talent. Some of the largest events IT professionals will gather at are hackathons. (3) By making visits to hackathons you establish your company as a leader in the industry, even if you’re just visiting. It’s an opportunity to network with the rest of the IT community.  Building bridges for future working relationships is always a good idea.


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