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The Art of Standing Out


Being one in a hundred is a common occurrence in the average applicant pool. If you’re applying for a job, you want to be more than remembered. You want to stand out as prominently as possible. Here are some ways to rise to the top:

1) Use unique stories

The most impactful way to leave an impression on a hiring manager is to use powerful success stories. These stories, if told correctly and honestly, will resonate long after the interview has ended. Your abilities are remembered through action stories, rather than through words on a resume. If you feel that you lack “success stories”, expand your thinking into everyday life. Believe me, you have accomplished great things—you just need to change your perspective.

2) Take creative risks

Depending on how you look at it, making a risky move can come off creative …or a little crazy. Some individuals will do anything to get their foot in the door, and more often than not, it works. Ridiculous stunts like putting their resume up on a billboard in London will get you noticed. (1) And, yes, that landed several job offers. The reasoning behind this is simple: creativity is currency.  In the modern age, if you have an innate or well-developed sense of creativity there isn’t much you can’t do. Smart hiring managers recognize and capitalize on this.

3) Channel your authenticity

There may be certain qualities that attract recruiters and hiring managers, but buzz words on a resume will only take you so far. Ultimately, employers want authenticity. They want integrity. Hopefully, by doing so you can establish a connection with the hiring manager. Be yourself, and that will take you much further than the salesman act.


4) Develop rare skills

In order to stand out, one must be different. That means you need to verse yourself in skills that other applicants might not possess. While these extra skills can align with the core requirement of the job description, they could also be anything that adds to the company.  Are you trilingual?  Have you read and studied The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace? Are you practiced in goal setting and achievement?  Look for opportunities to gain additional skills or certificates (some certificates are online and f-r-e-e).

5) Prepare extraordinarily

Previously we spoke of how preparing for the interview is probably the most crucial component of the job search. This time acts as a trial period for the employer, because it is where they can preview your capabilities. Use this time to prepare above and beyond the average candidate. Bring research or proposals that could be implemented in the future. By preparing for that dream position, you become one step closer to achieving it.

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