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Top Resume Mistakes to Avoid


A resume is your golden ticket.  It can open doors and create high-level opportunities if crafted correctly. While the common format is often changing, there are simple fixes you can make to your resume right now. Here are some of the top resume mistakes and how to change them:

1)   All-Caps word typos

Spell-check is a blessing and a curse. Many have grown accustomed to the luxury of spell-check embedded into nearly every application imaginable. While we assume spell-check will always catch our mistakes, unfortunately it doesn’t screen words in All Caps. (1) It’s important to proof read manually and pay extra attention to these words.

2)   Lack of context

It’s important to keep in mind (most) hiring managers have no previous background information on your work experience. (1) You will not be able to explain your incoherencies to the manager reading your resume. It must be clear and easy to read.  We tend to give vague explanations on resumes in hopes of getting the message across. Think clearly on whether or not you’ve provided the essential details and adjust accordingly.

3)   Length

The ever-pressing debate of resume length continues. While I know individuals who swear by one-pagers, I know plenty others who will argue length is irrelevant. One reason for this stems from the paper to electronic switch we made several years ago. Human resource managers would receive piles of papers, making the one-page more navigable. However, today everything is electronic and length is not as important, especially when there is valuable content to be communicated. Should your resume be long or short? Ultimately, it should be representative of you and concise—whatever that length may be. (2)

4)   Irrelevant work experience

Having a resume with unnecessary content will only cloud your outstanding achievements. (3) Tailor your resume to every position you consider. Begin by reading back over the job post for the specific position you’re trying to land. Will these employers care about the part time job you held as a server when you were in college? Maybe, if this job involves food service or sales. Delete any previous experience that won’t emphasize your capability for the available position.

Before you send out a resume, review it carefully. If you make any of these quick fixes, hiring managers will be much more receptive to what you have to offer.


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