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The Rising Data Center Trends of 2015


The cloud age is upon us.  The demand of data centers continues to rise, and many have wondered why it continues to take over the tech industry.  Data and technology-grounded organizations have always been vulnerable to the pace of technological change, their investments they make today could vanish by tomorrow.

It is because of this rapid change rate, that hardware-focused business began switching to software. Thus began the need for data centers. Data centers holding information in the cloud go without the risk of outdated hardware.


Cloud Migration

The primary trend that continues to rise in 2015 is the migration that businesses are making to the cloud. (1) The cloud is becoming more widely and cheaply available across a wider geographic area, causing it to be more accessible businesses of all sorts.  Secondly, as understanding of the cloud has grown, so security concerns have lessened.

Top preference is the Hybrid cloud

As businesses begin to implement the cloud, they prefer to keep a mixture of hardware and software storage. (1) The hybrid permits companies to use the cloud as necessary without eliminating their current data storage systems.

 Increase of “micro” data centers

As the Internet of Things collects and distributes data streams from personal devices, localized data becomes more valuable. Expect to see an increase in smaller data centers that still connect to “motherships.” (2)

Software-defined networking (SDN)

With psychical hardware so easily outdated, each year infrastructure needs to be replaced. (2) This has caused many to consider redirecting this hardware budget towards SDN.

Promising new markets

Technology hubs like Silicon Valley in California and Silicon Alley in New York are usually known to be the primary destinations for data center builds. (2) However, there has been expansion into new that more affordable and equally effective. Areas like Nebraska, Arizona and Utah are low risk for natural disasters and can deliver real estate or tax incentives. 




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