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The Great Migration: Moving off Windows Server 2003


In a few short months, Microsoft will end its support for Windows Server 2003. For enterprises that have moved away from the system, this will not be an issue. However, the companies that have not made the transition to a new operating system will face imminent security threats. As previously mentioned in our blog The New Defense Against Cyber Attacks, digital security threats are likely to incline from 2014, making 2015 to be the biggest year yet in security breeches.


As of mid-July, Microsoft will no longer issue and send out security updates for its Server 2003 operating system. (1) This will leave the system functioning in a more exposed capacity. Companies that are still using Windows Server 2003 will be the easiest targets for digital attackers.

Despite the potential for threats, 30 percent of enterprises plan to continue running Server 2003 environments past the July 14 deadline. (1)

In most cases, the issue isn’t whether or not these companies want to make the switch. It is that most enterprises are unaware of which server they operate on due to lack of visibility. They may also lack adequate education, being uncertain of the end-of-life date (July 14).

With technology changing so fast and endless applications to track, monitoring the updates of an operating system can become a weakness. All companies should be encouraged to develop a migration strategy before any crises arise.


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