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The Fast Track to Reaching Success

The “Fast Track” to Reaching Success


When the present does not match the overall vision we have of our lives, it’s hard to live in the moment. For individuals who are clear on goals and have mastered productivity, reaching “success” is the ultimate achievement. If it is not a reality then the gnawing, uncomfortable feeling of disappointment can weigh us down.


However, there is a way to create a journey of success that is filled with joy and satisfaction: live in the moment.


While we have heard this adage time and time again, the true meaning is often misunderstood. In an exact moment, we can feel tired and worn-out to the extent of giving up and acting out of impulse. This is not the moment we need to live in.


Instead, if we live in a situational moment, then we understand our current position in relation to success. We embrace every component of our current life surroundings. Every moment is precious and integral in  our pathway to achieving goals.


Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go. – Marie Forleo


Here is the reality: Joy and all things good can only come from a place within ourselves. Never are they found in external circumstances like a job, title or award.

Live and embrace your current situation to the best of your capability. Find pleasure in whatever place you are at.


This does not negate a strong time perspective. Time perspective is the degree to which we envision our future. It can be exuded when we look 10 to 15 years into the future and see the things we hope to accomplish. Rather, having time perspective is crucial to achieving those very things.  Use that vision as a blue print, but build your future one step at a time, being fully active in each and every step.


Ultimately, the takeaway is that every moment in our lives is a stepping-stone. Plant your foot firmly, and let it catapult you to the next part of your journey of success..


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