Search & Selection Process

Before you choose a recruiting firm, you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. Technology offers us a number of options when it comes to sourcing candidates and we utilize a number of tools that have proven to be effective for us. However, it is important to keep in mind that if your recruiting firm relies exclusively on the internet or an outdated database, it is probable that you will not be able to secure the best talent available. We have two main sayings in our office: “Nothing happens until two people talk to each other” and “It never hurts to talk!” Winona Search Group embraces technology and change, but we still rely heavily on good old-fashioned 10 digit cold calling!

We utilize the following in-depth and comprehensive process to conduct each search:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development;
  • Position profile development and compatibility assessment;
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing;
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation;
  • Hiring manager interviewing skills training;
  • Client and candidate interview debriefs;
  • Confidential reference checks;
  • Counter-offer consulting;
  • Offer preparation and closing; and
  • Client and new hire follow-up