Gaining Willpower at Work


Taking a look at all great things, accounting the most beautiful art pieces, the strongest endurance, there is one element needed: Willpower. If you have a dream and a passion, willpower is essential to its fulfillment. At the foundation of all legendary performance in sports, arts, medicine, etc. is the art of self-discipline.


If you aim to reach your goals, here’s what we can learn about willpower:


1)   Self-Control (scientists refer to as Self-Regulation) is like a muscle.

The more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. (1) The greatest myth we face is that successful people were born with innate powers. Michael Jordan never practiced and Michelangelo through some paint of a canvas. The truth is great accomplishments derive from self-discipline. Working diligently on a constant basis will grow your will power muscle.

2)   We have a limited amount each day.

Science shows that we operate from a reservoir of willpower. (1) There is an allotted amount everyday, and our choices and actions dictate its usage. Save willpower for the biggest, most important tasks.

3)   The self-control “muscle” can get tired.

Because there is a limited amount, our self-control will deplete throughout the day. (1) This means we have to strategically think where to a lot our self-control. Structure your day to where the most important projects get your time first.

4)   Levels of glucose lower our self-discipline.

The science behind why we behave is fascinating.  For example, when we are tired, we have low glucose levels. These low glucose levels lead to poor decision-making and low self-discipline. By eating low glycemic index foods like meat, vegetables and nuts, you can avoid the opportunity to make bad choices. (1)

Knowing how our bodies can enable optimal willpower takes us one step closer to higher performance at work and reaching our goals.


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